How To Dance Tutorials – I’m right beside you!

Do you want to learn to Dance?… but you just can’t seem to make it to class? Ladies….Do you want your spouce to learn with you?, but that’s not happening. Guys..You want to learn how to look good on the dance floor…Then these videos are for YOU!

Dance Tutorial Videos

Now you can enjoy learning from me in the comfort and privacy of your own home! No DVD’s to purchase, just quality, Fun…FREE video Tutorials available to you.

Now, these are NOT your everyday, run of the mill, tutorials, ..I will help you break through your fears and awkwardness with FUN, entertaining, instruction on some important basics, work with you, and then take you further, with more in depth training as you follow along. You can dance along with me! and if you subscribe to my You tube channel, you can ask me any question you want on each video!

I have Released a couple of BASIC HOW TO tutorials on different styles, so check them out! and remember, these are short, intro video’s with some basic steps to get you started! So they don’t take long to do.  You need to ‘feel the rhythm, get comfortable with some basics before you can look good on the dance floor, and then, move up to different levels.  let me show you what I mean..

 Here’s a quick example of me just...”Dancin’ it up!” This is NOT the tutorial, you have to go to my Youtube channel for that! 🙂

This is what it’s all about… style… dancin’ anywhere, to any kind of music!

I know what your saying, “Gustavo, there are a LOT of dance videos out there, and I don’t have a partner right now, so why should I look at yours?”

Well, I am here to tell you…your right! there are HUNDREDS of videos out there, So you need to find one you can relate to, have fun with, and learn easily right from the start. You don’t need a partner to LEARN how to dance. You need to learn to HEAR RHYTHM!, FEEL the MUSIC, LOOSE your INHIBITIONS! CREATE your STYLE,…THEN, you will feel comfortable, applying those moves with a partner.

There are a LOT of styles you don’t need partners for.  Wouldn’t you love to feel comfortable out on the dance floor, dancing your own style, to ANY kind of music that is playing? well, you can.

Speaking of STYLE..Now, you may THINK you can dance…after a few drinks…but really, once the alcohol hits your blood stream, people are kinda thinking you look like a well intoxicated frog!.  Flaying your arms around, shakin’ and shimmying a bit while you try not to fall down is not a STYLE (he,he…all good fun) but, This my friend, is not going to impress the ladies, or Vice a Versa!

So what are you waiting for? lets get up and DANCE!.. Guys, this is YOUR time! YOUR kind of video! Guaranteed!

Remember, I am always looking for ways to serve you better, so feel free to leave a comment, and tell me what you want to learn.  I have a LOT more videos coming your way, so stay tuned! and follow along!

Get some of your friends together and watch and learn with them! Or get them to subscribe also, and they can follow along in their living room.  The next time you meet on the dance floor, you can DANCE IT UP! together! How great is that!

I can’t wait to see you in YOUR living room! I’ll be dancin’ it up for you! See you then!

Dance from the heart! Corazon!