Latin Funk Dance Interview with Gustavo Ferman

“Believe in yourself. Don’t ever stop dreaming and whatever you do, do it from the heart.”

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Latin Funk Dance Gustavo Ferman

Latin Funk Dance is Vancouver’s funkiest Latin dance program and Gustavo Ferman is their professional dance instructor, choreographer, and owner. Gustavo has been inspiring dancers since 1992.

Latin Funk is the first and best Latin dance fusion program – a funky mix of 8 different Latin styles – Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Reggaeton, Bachata and Rumba with cool Funk and Jazz moves!  These elements blend together forming a style that exudes passion, power and confidence. The studio is friendly, fun, interactive, progressive, welcoming and passionate.

Gustavo believes his studio/production company differs from other studios or production companies due to their originality and vision. They are always authentic, professional and fresh and make sure they give 100% great quality to all their students from kids to adults.

Gustavo, dubbed the “King of Latin Funk” by his many fans, is an incredibly gifted motivational dancer, sought-after choreographer and wildly charismatic entertainer.
With over 25 years of professional training and experience, he captivates audiences around the world with his original high-energy dance style and impressive showmanship.

Born in El Salvador, Gustavo immigrated to the United States at a young age where he overcame many obstacles and put his heart and soul into pursuing his passion. Moving to Canada he continued perfecting his artistic talent, performing with elite dance groups and at such prestigious events as the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Since introducing his trademark dance program Latin Funk Dance® to Vancouver in 1996, and San Diego, CA in 2005, Gustavo’s popularity has skyrocketed. In addition to teaching Latin Funk Dance® and training new instructors, his corporate team-building workshops, motivational dance presentations and dance comedy acts are in high demand at public, private and corporate functions.

Gustavo has had many great moments coaching many people, but he says one that comes to mind is coaching Sahar Biniaz, the winner of the Miss Canada title in 2012. He coached her in walking and dance technique. She looked great on stage and Gustavo knew from the moment she set foot on that stage that she was going to win.

In Gustavo’s opinion, one of the biggest mistakes dancers make is not doing a proper stretch before they dance. Gustavo says he has seen a lot of young dancers injured after recitals and dance shows usually due to lack of proper preparation. Good preparation and proper stretching before any dance recital or show will prevent a lot of injuries.

Latin Funk Dance Gustavo Ferman PhotoshootGustavo says that through his own experiences and struggles, he has learned that life is always changing, and you must challenge yourself, in order to grow and find your true self. He believes his style of dance is a great example of this. He believes it is an outlet where you can step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and heal your mind, body, and spirit.

He has been described by his many fans and clients as innovative, charismatic, and passionate. He has over 25 years experience in many different styles of dance, Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballroom, dance choreography, stage performance, stage coaching and dance instruction.

Gustavo is rebranding himself and his dance company. He will have a brand new website and will be producing, choreographing and performing in a “one man show” as well as choreographing an extravaganza Vegas-style show. He will also offer “dance on-line videos” and will be producing a talent TV show to be shown live on his new site.

The love of performing and dance, as well as the love for teaching was the impetus for him to start a studio. He wants to share his talent with the world and make people happy, as well as educate them in what he knows best.

Latin Funk Dance Gustavo Ferman Dance PhotoshootGustavo says he doesn’t ever want to retire. Actually, he doesn’t consider what he does is work. Consequently, he doesn’t have a job from which to retire. He will definitely slow down but doesn’t think he will ever stop dancing and creating.

Gustavo wants to share the following with everyone – “Believe in yourself. Don’t ever stop dreaming and whatever you do, do it from the heart.”

For those who live out of the area but would still like to experience Gustavo’s dance style, visit his website to order a DVD! here. Not only do you learn some of his Latin Funk dance moves, you can get fit Latin style at home with Gustavo’s Latin Funk Dance® DVD!  Enjoy his own spicy dance recipe of six different Latin styles, Hip Hop, Afro/Funk and Jazz!

Gustavo breaks down the moves in an Instructional Section, warms you up with a Latin Funk Dance® Cardio Section, has you grooving to a funky Dance Choreography Section and then ending with a relaxing Rumba Cool Down Section. This unique DVD has you learning many different styles of dance while getting a great cardio workout and learning dance choreography routines that are fun. It reaches a wide range of people from children, teens, adults and even seniors. It’s fun and challenging for experienced dancers and even for beginners.

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Written By Cyndi Marziani

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